Federico Gucciardi - [ comfort zone ] space Milano Fiera

Key Account Manager

The testimonial of Federico Gucciardi, Key Account Manager for the [ comfort zone ] space project at the Milan Fairgrounds.


Good afternoon Luca,
(...) I am writing to congratulate you on your project.
The work done up until now has been perfectly in-line with our Vision of the new concept that we're promoting. You've done an excellent job coming up with practical solutions and enhancing them with useful tips and strategies.
Congratulations once again, and thank you very much.

Federico Gucciardi
Key Account Manager [ comfort zone ]

Furnishing project carried out by the staff of Nilo International - The SPA Industry

The [ comfort zone ] space at the Milan Fairgrounds is located at no. 62 Via Monte Rosa in Milan, near the old fairgrounds in the city centre.

The project developed together with your designer, Luca, has been set up according to the new guidelines that the company [ comfort zone ] will be adopting for all its spaces throughout Italy, and therefore features three main areas:



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